Meet the RD’s

Facebook Q&A with the RD’s can be found here!

Pictured Far Left, Race Co-Director Jeremy Smith “Coach Smith”

From the age of 14, Coach Smith has been coaching and organizing competitive events for the community. Living in Idaho Falls since 2006, he has coached 100s of youth runners as a track/xc coach at Taylorview Middle School, Idaho Falls High School, and as the founder/owner of the increasingly popular High Five Flyers Track/XC youth club team. He directs some of the largest running events in East-Idaho, including the High Five Relays XC race, the Wolverine Classic MS Track Invite, as well as the Tiger/Grizz Track & Field Invitational. His own running exploits have taken him to the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon, numerous trail ultras, as well as a sub 30-hour finish at the 2016 ‘Bear 100’. Coach Smith is excited to help runners find their limits at the inaugural P.U.T.S. event!

Pictured Middle Left, Race-Day Operations Director Katie Ellis:

Katie is a cross country coach as well and is an experienced marathon runner. She completed the Boston Marathon in 2017 and is a fierce competitor.

Pictured Center, Assistant Race Director Jeff Fullmer:

At the age of four Jeff was diagnosed with Leg-Perthes disease and was strapped into leg braces with a 14″ bar between his knees until the age of nine. Jeff was never the fastest or the quietest (metal tends to get squeaky) but he always learned how to finish under any circumstance. Since then Jeff has grown a deep love for the outdoors and also in helping others to grow and accomplish their goals. Jeff volunteers as a Scout Master in the BSA and works with young men in helping them gain an appreciation for the outdoors and completing hard things. Jeff has finished several trail races including multiple 50k’s. He is the founder of the Idaho Falls Trail Runners and all that means was he was the first in the area to say “why don’t we have an organized trail running group around here” and then was promptly nominated to start one. The group led to friendships that blossomed into a race board of directors. When Jeff is not “counting potatoes” as part of his daytime employment he is spending time with his wife and four children.

Pictured Middle Right, Assistant Race Director Spencer Wells:

Spencer is an experienced trail runner with multiple 100 milers and other trail races under his belt. Spencer is a college student and works in the customer service industry as well to help support his family.

Unfortunately, Spencer has shaved off his beard since this picture was taken so we haven’t been able to find him. If you happen to find a trail runner in the woods that is rubbing his naked face and is asking for bacon, please contact us so we can return him to his rightful home.

Pictured Far Right, Race Co-Director Drew Brazier:

Drew is an accomplished and seasoned ultra marathoner with multiple 100 mile finishes and several other trail races as well. Drew is a psychologist that specializes in nutrition and helping to actively coach individuals to become their best selves in all aspect of their lives. Drew has been planning an ultra marathon race series for over seven years. In 2015 he finally found the right location and eventually the right team to help this magnificent vision become a reality.

Idaho Falls Trail Runners:

There are countless local trail runners that are a part of PUTS and are ecstatic to help showcase the best of what Idaho & Wyoming have to offer. The majestic scenery will just be one facet of this amazing experience. The “hospitality” is where the real beauty will shine.