Big Elk Marathon

  • 26.2+ Miles
  • 8,000+ Vertical Ft. Elevation Gain
  • 8,000+ Vertical Ft. Elevation Loss
  • (16,000+ Vertical Ft. Change)
  • *Prerequisites: A healthy appetite for beauty and some pain.
  • 1 Loop course that starts & finishes at Big Elk Creek.
  • 98% Single Track
  • No Drop Bag Locations
  • 1 Vehicle Crew Access Spot at N. Indian Cr. AS
  • No Pacers Allowed
  • 100% Awesomeness
  • Big Elk Marathon Maps

Course Overview

Not a BQ, not likely to be a ‘PR’… But you’re never gonna find as beautiful a trail marathon! With a very short warm up, you will follow the start of the Moose 100. You will climb out of Big Elk Creek and up to Quaker Flats. Early on at Quaker Flats, you will catch your first glimpse of Mt. Baird through the trees. Throughout the course, you will have majestic views of the Palisades Reservoir, Swan Valley, Grand Tetons and other seemingly innocent sounding names. Into deep canyons you will go, chasing creeks, breezing past waterfalls and playing in the supple wildflowers.

Past Garden Ridge you will break off of the 50 & 100 mile courses and make your way along the ridge above Dry Canyon. Before reaching Big Elk Cr. you will get the unique chance of experiencing the “Corkscrew Trail”. Just after the “Corkscrewed Aid Station” you will hit mile 23 to 24 where you will drop 2,000 ft. of elevation. Once at the bottom you will get the pleasure of either running, stumbling or lazily floating across Big Elk Creek. Then with less than 3 miles of gentle downhill, you will be back to where you started and a well-deserved rest!

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