Grizzly 50

  • 50+ Miles
  • 13,000+ Vertical Ft. Elevation Gain
  • 13,000+ Vertical Ft. Elevation Loss
  • (26,000+ Vertical Ft. Change)
  • *Prerequisites: A healthy appetite for beauty and pain
  • Point to Point Course, Start at N. Indian Cr. Aid Station, Finish At Big Elk Creek.
  • 100% Single Track
  • 100% Awesomeness
  • 1 Drop Bag Location
  • 1 Vehicle Crew Access Location
  • No Pacers Allowed
  • Grizzly 50 Maps

Course Overview

Not your ordinary 50 miler! You will not need to worry about grizzly’s for the most part but you will need to be warned of the grisly terrain waiting to tear you down and beat you into submission. You will begin at mile 30 of the Moose 100 course and share in a majority of their terrain until you split off above Upper Palisades Lake, cutting down into Waterfall Canyon. Truly a dream of a start on gentle wide single track that weaves up North Indian Cr. for over 4 miles until you break off north into Garden Canyon (there will be no need to explain this canyon’s name once you get there). The work really begins in the back of Garden Canyon when the climbing begins in full force. You may barely notice the strenuous climb as you pass multiple waterfalls, flowing with fresh snow fueled torrents. Up onto Garden Ridge, you will glimpse the Grand Tetons, Mt. Baird, and other Rocky Mountain landmarks as you traverse over 20 miles of ridge running. Waterfall canyon will not disappoint (once again, aptly named) and finally the descent into Austin Canyon and Big Elk Creek will come as a rewarding smooth finish. The vertical gain/loss is that of many 100 mile races so train hard, pack well and plan on a true wilderness trail race experience.

Crew Access, Drop Bags & Pacers

This is definitely a wilderness race but not an orienteering one. The course is remote but it will all be on trails that are well marked. You will NEED a pack to carry food and water with you. The only drop bag location is at Mosquito Cr. Aid Station. Crew will have limited access to that location by way of shuttle 3 miles down the road from the aid station. All other aid stations do not have vehicle access so if your crew is adventurous they can hike in to meet you at these different spots. The course makes a horseshoe up and around Big Elk and then cuts back to it. Pacers are not allowed on the Grizzly 50 course.

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